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Hopspot is deeply rooted in the Meetjesland region. It's the land where farmers and producers have been crafting the tastiest products for ages. It's in our DNA. And we have been connected to this land for centuries. We collaborate directly with producers who have a rich artisanal tradition:

Bakhuis Cyriel is a logical consequence of the love for baking. They want to give their customers a taste experience that makes your toes curl and gives you goosebumps all over your body.

About Bakhuis Cyriel

Bakery Bekaert stands for honest bread and therefore opts for pure and high-quality raw materials from the short chain. We do not opt for raw materials that have traveled miles of distance, but for products from farmers in the region.

About Bakkerij Bekaert

Brouwerij Van Steenberge guarantees independence, progress and growth. It emphasizes traditional brewing art adapted to technological evolutions and guarantees reliable quality and service.

About Brouwerij Van Steenberge

Copperhead Gin is the result of a collaboration between a Kortrijk pharmacist (Yvan Vindevogel) and Bernard Filliers (from Stokerij Filliers). Copperhead comes in a beautiful copper apothecary bottle, the copper refers to the copper kettle in which the gin was distilled.

About Copperhead Gin

Meet Deluxe Distillery: a small craft distillery that raises the bar for mixologists and delights cocktail and liqueur aficionados alike.

About Deluxe Distillery

The story of Dierendonck started in 1970, when the first butcher shop opened its doors. Since then, the brand has become a household name, with branches all over Belgium. A steady growth, driven by a strong team.

About Dierendonck

Filliers Distillery is one of the last warm family distilleries in Belgium where knowledge & passion is passed on from generation to generation.

About Filliers Distillery

Frank and Patricia keep about 150 goats on our farm in Kaprijke. We make a wide range of goat cheeses from their milk. Every day since 2002, with lots of love, care, experience and perseverance.

About Frapa Geitenkazen

Heynsquared is brewed by two brothers, Jan and Geert Heyneman, both graduated from Ghent University, with a deep respect for nature.

About Heynsquared

From 2001, all Hinkelspel cheeses are made from organic milk. The cheese factory is now located in the Weststraat in Sleidinge, the former building on the Lousbergskaai has been converted into a covered market.

About Hinkelspelkazen

Houblonesse products are so much more than unique flavor combinations. They are lucky charms in the literal sense of the word: our unique regional products bring a smile to everyone’s face and invite togetherness, fun and nostalgia.

About Houblonesse

Butcher shop Johan & Inge, pure craftsmanship from Ertvelde!

About Slagerij Johan en Inge

Little Cheese Farm, where small footprints lead to big flavours. This way we can serve you even better with cheeses that we are sure are worthwhile.

About Little Cheese Farm

MI-OH stands for a healthy way of life, for tasty herbs and edible flowers, or a relaxed chat, advice on FMES lifestyle.

About MI-OH

Wijndomein Nobel is a young vineyard located in the municipality of Lochristi. We are proud of our wines and hope to stimulate, delight and delight your senses.

About Wijndomein Nobel

Ritchie: delicious homegrown lemonade, popular on the market until the late 1970s. Then Ritchie took a long, satisfying vacation and now it’s back, updated. Pleasantly sparkling like the days of old and at the same time completely up to date with the 21st century thanks to taste duos of today.

About Ritchie

Since 1790 in Ghent. The finely ground mustard is pumped from the cellar, where it is made, into a wooden barrel in the shop. Here it is scooped out before the eyes of the customer in the hand-thrown stone jars or glass jars.

About Tierenteyn-Verlent

Trefin is a Belgian family business, founded as NV in 1929. Renowned for its traditional products, Trefin has managed to maintain itself over the years as a fixed value in the Belgian confectionery sector. Their Hartmint is the most famous mint candy in Belgium!

About Trefin

Troast Koffiebrander since 2015. We have something for everyone. In addition to the wide range of classic coffees, they can also offer you a lot of Origin coffees, such as from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, Rwanda, …

About Troast

OPIUS was founded in 2020 by two restless cocktail enthusiasts, Leander Beuckels and Lucas Lambrechts. They were brought together by a shared belief that an exciting drink doesn’t always have to be alcoholic. That a drink should above all be daring and magical.


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